Roberto discovered a passion for Information Technology at the tender age of 6 when, with the help of his father, he started to learn computer programming. By age 10 he had developed and sold his first video game. Four years later he begun an entrepreneurship career when, authorised by Italy’s court for minors, he opened his first IT company. In the formative years of the Internet he expanded his business reach into the online world and quickly found his company’ services in great demand. Roberto, specialised in Lawful Interception systems and big data analysis, is also a consultant to law enforcement agencies. Moved to Asia a decade ago Roberto is now associate of the Nxt.org foundation, CEO of DeBuNe Pte Ltd, and he is founder of the Singaporean company behind the innovative Open Trade Documents (OTDocs.com) blockchain project. 
Has just launched TheSoundKey.com, his first hardware venture!